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Shower Steamer - Relax & Focus

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Transform your morning shower into a meditative, spa-like experience with these beautifully scented steamers. Infused with aromatherapeutic essential oils, they're designed to uplift your mood and energize your spirits - making it a perfect start to any busy day.

These steamers are scented with an invigorating The steamers are scented with lavender and mint pure essential oils.


About Latika

With a name meaning "little plant" in Hindi, Latika offers a safe, natural, and paraben-free collection of handcrafted soaps, scrubs, and balms. Founded in Austin, Texas by husband-and-wife duo Mazzi and Erez, the brand is committed to creating vegan and certified cruelty-free essentials that nourish, soothe, and refresh both body and spirit.


*Included in the box are three individually wrapped 3 oz steamer cubes.