How well do your products work for my spiritual or magical intentions?

Our products are intended to aid the practitioner with their intentions through their own spiritual quest, whatever the belief system it may fall under.  We cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy or efficiency of our products based on your own individual practice. Please note our products are NOT to be used in-leu of any medications or medical treatment recommended by your doctor.

Are all your ingredients natural?

Yes! We use natural ingredients like soy and honey, flower waters, vegetable- based oils, essential oils, and natural oil blends.

Are your ingredients safe for pregnant women?

Please speak to your doctor about specific questions you have regarding our products being safe if you are pregnant. We are not medical professionals and therefore cannot give medical advice.

Are your products hypoallergenic or allergen free?

Our products are made free of the top allergens however, we cannot guarantee that they are exclusively hypoallergenic or allergen free. Even though we choose to manufacture our products using ingredients that are free of wheat or nuts for instance, it is extremely difficult to guarantee that there has never been any cross contamination at a supplier’s location.

Topical allergies are unique to an individual, as are food or airborne allergies. Therefore one product may be truly fabulous for one individual but cause an irritation for another. Our products are made with botanicals and pure essential oils which have many benefits to the body however, the occasional person may experience a reaction or sensitivity to a particular botanical. We always recommend doing a patch test prior to trying any new product. The best way is to place a small amount on the inside of the wrist or inner thigh. Should any redness or irritation occur, discontinue using the product.